We’ve funded 12,000 charity projects for 1,000+ people locally.

RSVP: Serving Denton County is part of, 750 organisations, managing 450,000 volunteers over the age of 55 Established in 1971.

  • We aim to solve community problems by developing and implementing volunteer assignments directly driven by volunteers 55 and up.
  • We focus placement of volunteers in spefic areas such as: Education, Healthy Futures, Veterans and Military Families, Environmental Stewardships, Economic Opportunities, and many more.
  • It is required by that all volunteer assignments have measurable outcomes in order to gauge the impact they have on the community.
  • The RSVP Board of Directors has established a three year plan that addresses programmatic goals as well as other key areas, which serves as a direction for the agency.

We’re on a mission to help the community and reinvent charity for a new generation. Join the Board.

Contact Us

To learn more about registering your charity with us visit our “Work with us” site. By calling (940) 383-1508.